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Unfortunately, abortion is still a taboo subject today, which is why many are too shy to share their stories. What should be a decision to avoid adverse impact on your life, can become a decision that completely changes your life in unexpected ways. The majority think that abortion is the quick and easy solution. For some this may be true. Others find themselves on an unexpected emotional roller coaster, finding that nothing is quite as it was. They stay quiet out of self-hatred and guilt, and so do not seek help.

​Pro-Healing is a safe zone where we can exchange our stories free from any judgement. It's also a space where it is okay to feel one’s grief and loss. Be aware that you are not solely responsible for your decision. There are many subconscious reasons that have influenced your decision and will continue to affect your response as long as you remain unaware of them. We can help you to accept your abortion and show you how to deal with the grief and self-destructive thoughts you experience during your darker times, so that you can transcend them into love and joy again.


​Please be aware that healing is a process. It comes in waves. Grief, loss or self-doubt can be very persistent and may require a lot of attention before they pass. Pro-Healing aims to support you in accepting your abortion and to give you valuable tips on how to lift yourself up in moments of deep grief. We help you to release shame so that it will no longer have the power to keep you silent about your story. During our consultation we want to let you know that you should not be left alone with your emotions and thoughts. You are important to us. You will be heard. We are interested in your reasons but the most important thing to us is that you know you are not alone.


It can be days, weeks, or even years before someone finds the courage to confide in their family and closest friends about an abortion. Accepting the abortion, sharing the pain and feelings with others can be the first important step in the right direction. Sharing it with someone who has been through the same thing can be incredibly relieving. You may feel understood for the first time. While every story is unique, we have one thing in common. Do you often feel sad and feel like no one understands you? Or you don't have anyone to open to? We are here for you. We listen! Book one of our two standard consultations.

​Abortion can affect people more than you might imagine. The inner turmoil can make you very sensitive. Once you mention what you are going through, it may be that those around you would like support and comfort, but don't know how. If you have not been affected by the consequences of an abortion yourself, but know someone who has been, you are welcome to contact us, also. We try to be there for everyone.


Most assume that once the body has healed, the abortion is over. For them, this chapter begins with the pregnancy and ends once the body has recovered from the termination. Bleeding may occur for a few days after a medical or surgical abortion. As soon as it stops, the abortion is considered over. They say you can even go to work or to school the very next day. However, some people are left with mental scars that may take a very long time to heal, if ever. Because mental struggle is not visible to the eye, it often goes unnoticed and forgotten until it affects our everyday lives. Feelings are always a message from your subconscious. If you would like to know more about this and learn the underlying reasons for why you had an abortion, please book one of our holistic consultations.


​You can book appointments directly here on our website, via WhatsApp, email or using the contact form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible. All our sessions are held via video call unless you request otherwise.

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