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Grief post abortion - Healing after an abortion

Über uns

Welcome to Pro-Healing

Life is full of surprises. Letting go of control in a situation that requires healing and relying on your intuition requires an incredible amount of courage.


As does deciding to terminate a pregnancy. This decision is often prompted by fear, a need for protection, and love. Out of fear of not being where you want to be in life. Out of protection and love for both the child and for yourself. Some may feel instant relief after an abortion, while others find themselves stuck on an emotional roller coaster, struggling with unexpected feelings that they must overcome before they can regain their inner peace. Feelings of loss, extreme sadness, and self-rejection are not a punishment for your decision but part of the healing process. Moreover, you can find that all these emotions arise, even if you don't regret your decision. The inner turmoil created can affect your everyday life. In addition, not being able to open up to anyone can contribute additional stress.


​Switzerland records over 10,000 abortions per year, undertaken for a variety of reasons. The majority of people still consider this topic to be highly controversial. There are no other recorded organizations that offer guidance on the mental post-abortion recovery journey. Pro-Healing aims to accompany you through your process. Talking assist with healing, as well as with feeling heard and understood. Our experience is based on personal experiences, and many years of training and research in this area. We can offer a sympathetic ear for your story, and will strive to give you valuable tips to help you through this darkest of times. ​


​You are not alone. Check out our forum and exchange your story, reasons and feelings about your abortion with other members of this webpage. Since you are sharing very personal information about yourself access is restricted to members only. To become a member simply sign up.    

"Feeling sadness and loss after an abortion is not a punishment for your decision, but part of your healing process. Pro-Healing is the only organization in Switzerland set up exclusively to accompany you on your post-abortion recovery journey."


Why are we called Pro-Healing?

Pro-Healing stands as an alternative option to Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Maybe you are not yet familiar with neither term. These are political groups that either fully support or fight abortion rights. Pro-Choice protects a women's right to choose. They advocate for the right to have legal and medical access to abortion clinics whereas Pro-Life does not agree with this at all. Members of this group are against the practice of abortion and want to protect the rights of the unborn. People supporting Pro-Life mostly have strong religious beliefs. Pro-Healing is not member of either these groups as we do not support the exclusion of any people in any kind. We primarly and solely focus on the healing process post abortion.  

Please note that we do not want to influence anyone in their decision. Our services only include conseling post abortion for when the decision is done and the proceedure is through. We promote freedom of speech and judge noone for their beliefs. Should you be looking for an organization that helps you understand abortion better we kindly refer you to a gynecologist. 



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