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Pro-Healing the book

We are pleased to announce that Pro-Healing will soon be launching a book like no other. Not only does it share my story, but it also actively supports you in your healing process. In this book you will learn how to fill your life with lightness and love again, should you find yourself overwhelmed by grief or caught up in a negative thought pattern following an abortion. It is meant to inspire you to let go of your current outlook on life and embrace a new one. New insights and practical exercises will help you to locate and dissolve your inner blockages. I would like you to understand that it is appropriate to feel loss and grief during this time. There is also no need to feel guilt. You might also find some comfort in knowing that many are going through that same process, but are blocked from speaking up by shame. After all, abortion is still widely discussed with disapproval in today's society, and so it takes an enormous amount of courage to open about it. The fear of being judged by others holds us back from breaking this taboo. Only when we share our stories, can we reunite and heal. My goal is to create a safe haven where we can exchange our experiences free from any judgement.

Preview of the book

This book begins with my very own story as I lived and experienced it. It explains my relationship, my intentions, and my evolution, why I decided against the birth of my child and the reasons for the termination. The following chapter then shares my personal and liberating letter addressed to my child after years of examining my beliefs and emotions. It took me a very long time to find the right words, but once I did, each line that I completed lifted a huge burden of my shoulders. This book is an insight into the deepest part of my soul as I not only share my feelings with you now, but also my newfound understanding of life. I let go of the widespread cultural, religious and social beliefs that lived inside my head for such a long time as they no longer suit me. I will explain to you how your grief is linked to the expectations of others, and how you can free yourself from it. Also, I speak about how you are being forced into dealing with this secret by yourself so you can continue to meet the requirements imposed by everyday life. Moreover, you will learn what it means to forgive yourself. Simple tips will show you how to do so. Since healing comes from within and you are the only one responsible for it, this is an interactive book. It challenges you to write down your recurring thought patterns and questions that you have about your abortion so that you can start processing them constructively. It recommends taking a break from the distracting and fast running world around you to revise and redefine your belief patterns. At the end of the book, you will find the courage to fill in the blank pages with your own story. This chapter is dedicated to your letter. It symbolizes that you - and hopefully many others - will come out of hiding and break the taboo about it to find peace within. We are writing this book together. It is our combined work to set an example for others. We leave no one behind. Together we heal.             

"It is ok to feel loss and grief after your abortion because after all, you still lost your child."


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